Custom Helmets

 For Racers, By Racers

Pricing will depend on factors such as colors (pearls, multi-stage colors and neons take longer etc.) graphics/logos (company logos, name etc.) and complexity.  Most designs range between $500-$900 (not including helmet).  

I've tried several different paint systems, airbrushes, spray guns and supplies over the years and have chosen to use only the best for the helmets I produce.  I use mostly House of Kolors and PPG paints and apply several coats of PPG's top of the line clear coat.  The guys at the paint shop think I'm crazy for using such an expensive clear coat on these helmets but it provides the best UV protection (colors won't fade) and is the most chemical (fuel, nitro, carb name it) resistant clear I've ever I use it!

I'll work with you to design a helmet that incorporates a style and colors of your choice.  Average turnaround time is four weeks.

Getting started typically involves the following:

1) We look at pictures of different helmets to see what you like/don't like in terms of layout and colors.  I'm happy to use an existing sketch of yours if you already have something in mind.

2) I'll take your feedback and sketch up several different designs for your review/feedback.  Once we settle on a design, I'll try various color combinations until we find one that you want to move forward with.

3) Prep, mask & PAINT!!!!!